Washing Instructions

How do I look after my new Tiedye?  

Wash & care instructions for your new tie dye garment.Your new garment has been pre-washed & is ready for immed wear. Please take care that white clothing can be stained on contact with wearing Tiedye or running can occur until all extra dyes have been washed out -  if proper care is not taken, we cannot refund.  After wearing Do not wash new garment with your whites Or soak in water for long periods of time.                     

(a)  COLD Machine wash on short gentle cycle, with dark clothes, then machine spin. Hang out immediately.

(b)  Hand wash in COLD water, rinse well until water runs clear, then still machine spin. Hang out immediately.

(c)  Black & White or Splash Designs - If some bleeding occurs over time & you wish to re-whiten the background, soak & swirl garment in bucket of very hot soapy water for a few minutes until water turns dark, quickly hand wring & continue rinsing in fresh cool water until water runs clear. Your white background will once again be crisp. Peg Spash upside down on white end.